• Yoga with Justine!- Aloha LIVE! Gentle Yoga Therapy

    6 videos  |  Rent $5.99  |  Buy $35

    This 6-class Yoga series is a collection of JustineShelton's popular Yoga with Justine Gentle Yoga and Healthy Back classes filmed at the Yoga Vista Studio. Each class contains foundational elements and modifications for keeping your spine and joints safe, strong and mobile.

  • Exploring the Temple: Our Bodies Uncovered - Anatomy Series with Sherry and Justine

    16 videos  |  Buy $49

    Join us on an exploration into our bodies from a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist's perspective. In each video we will discuss a particular topic area, our ah-ha's, our awe and our personal perspectives. And don't worry... we won't show or discuss anything that is gory or gruesome (which nothing w...