Exploring the Temple: Our Bodies Uncovered - Anatomy Series with Sherry and Justine

Exploring the Temple: Our Bodies Uncovered - Anatomy Series with Sherry and Justine

Join us on an exploration into our bodies from a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist's perspective. In each video we will discuss a particular topic area, our ah-ha's, our awe and our personal perspectives. And don't worry... we won't show or discuss anything that is gory or gruesome (which nothing was!).

We hope you will be amazed and intrigued to learn more about your beautiful temple!

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Exploring the Temple: Our Bodies Uncovered - Anatomy Series with Sherry and Justine

16 Videos

  • Explore the Temple with Sherry & Justine! Anatomy Dissection Discussion Series

    We can't contain our excitement for sharing all the wonderous and amazing things we learned during our week long fascial dissection. We spent 5 days wth Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains and Todd Garcia,
    Director/Dissection Master of the Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightenment in Boulder, CO.

    In ...

  • The Wonder of Fascia: Our Bodies Uncovered with Sherry & Justine

    Fascia is a netting that holds us and molds us. This particular Anatomy Dissection was focused on noticing and exploring the fascia. Where it resides in the body, how it moves, works and how it can become damaged. And most importantly... how Yoga HELPS our fascial health!

  • The Good and Bad Side of Fat in our Bodies with Sherry & Justine

    Don't cut out fat from your diet because it is needed in alot of different places inside your body. In this segment, we talk about the role of fat... and the good and the bad types of fat. This was eye-opening for us!

  • Explaining the Process of a Cadaver Dissection with Sherry & Justine

    Wondering if this is something you would like to do? Well, we both were newbies at this and we were not disappointed. We share some details about the process (no gore promise!), equipment needed, studies required, daily schedule, etc.

  • Our Miraculous and Mysterious Muscles with Sherry and Justine

    We saw alot of muscles in our Anatomy dissection, so this video covers a few of the more popular ones. From the erectors, to the quadratus lumborum, to the sartorious and levators. Now you can begin to visualize what Yoga can do to help our muscular system after this segment. See if you can feel ...

  • Our Nerves: Resilient and They come in All Sizes with Sherry & Justine

    Sciatic nerve, vagus nerve, phrenic nerve, brachial plexus... all of these nerves we hear about often. But when you see them in a real body, the sheer size, texture and resiliency of them is well... AMAZING! I included some anatomical images so that you can see what areas we are talking about. ...

  • What Osteoarthritis REALLY looks like in the Body with Sherry & Justine

    We saw Osteoarthritis in 4 different body locations where you would expect this condition to be most prevalent. The knee, hip, shoulder and lumbar spine. But what we didn't realize is that it looks much different than any anatomical photos or graphics that we are used to seeing.

  • Our Spine: Strong and Solid with Sherry & Justine

    In this Exploring the Temple video, we discuss lots of details about the spine from the muscles that attach to it, the joints that intersect it, the discs that help us move in all directions, and spinal malfunctions and compensations. If you have back, joint or posture issues... this session is a...

  • "Them Bones" The Bones We Saw in our Anatomy Dissection with Sherry & Justine

    In this video, we talk about the bones in the feet, hip, shoulder, spine and other locations. Bones are strong, but the texture is different than anything we could imagine. We have pauses of wonder in this video... just because the bones were so amazing to see, touch and feel.

  • The Rotator Cuff and its Associated Injuries with Sherry & Justine

    In this video we look at the various pieces and parts of the Rotator cuff and why it is so complex. In our dissection, we slowly took apart the layers of this joint and it was much more complicated than what the photos depict. A work of art!

  • The Diaphragm and our Breathing with Sherry & Justine

    The breath is the most important part of our Yoga practice and the main muscle of breathing is the diaphragm. In this video we look at the role of the diaphragm and how it relates to the overall function of all our internal organs.

  • Our Bodies have Slip and Slides! Drink Up! with Sherry & Justine

    We discuss the two areas of our bodies that have slip and slide functions that require lubrication. Can you guess what they are? We bring these anatomy facts to you so that you are empowered to make changes that can improve your health and body functions. Knowledge is power!

  • Looking Inside the Brain during our Anatomy Dissection - Sherry & Justine

    We had the rare opportunity to make our way inside the brain of our donor. What we saw was a miracle work of art that no human could create (in our humble opinions!). Listen with awe and appreciation.

  • The Body Cavity and Our Organs with Sherry and Justine

    The powerhouse of our bodies lies within the core. The Body cavity houses so many of our vital organs that work as an orchestra to keep us functioning without much thought or effort from us. We got to see, touch, feel and investigate these organs in our Anatomy dissection of Lily, our donor.

  • Our Most Popular Muscles & How Yoga Impacts Them with Sherry & Justine

    Psoas, Pectoralis and the Quadratus Lumborum are common muscles we work with when we do our Yoga asanas. Learn the WHY behind some of the popular Yoga poses and how they affect these muscles and of course, the health of your spine and structure.

  • Thank you to the Donors! We honor their lives and deaths with Sherry & Justine

    The ages of the donors were between 60 and 90. You would think they died of just plain "old age". But there is always a primary cause of death and that is what was of most interest to all of us after we had spent a week exploring the insides of their temples. We wanted the mystery solved...